Sugar Cane & Sorghum

Bio-Process has extensive experience in the production of ethanol and bio-products from free sugar feedstocks such as: sugar cane juice, molasses, sugar beets, corn sugar syrup, waste sugar syrups, and sweet sorghum juice. Bio-Process can also provide technologies and process design packages for crushing plants and sugar mills for the production of crystallized sugar from cane, sugar beets, and sweet sorghum.

Free sugar crops and streams are an ideal bio-feedstock for the conversion to biofuels and bio-products as they are readily converted in fermentation processes with little to no pre-processing required. Bio-Process provides improved technologies and process designs to increase conversion efficiencies, reduce energy usage, and increase the number and value of co-products produced in processing systems.

Sugar Processing Technologies:

  • Cane / Sorghum Stalk Storage,
  • Sugar Crushing / Diffusion Systems,
  • Sugar Juice Evaporation Designs,
  • Improved Fermentation Systems,
  • Yeast Single Cell Protein Recovery,
  • Improved Distillation Systems,
  • Co-Processing of Cellulsoic Bagasse,

Bio-Process is available to provide process technologies, process designs, and consulting services to improve the efficiencies, profitability, and operations for:

  1. Upgrading & Improving Existing Sugar Mills & Plants,
  2. Design and Project Management of New Sugar Projects,
  3. Development of Integrated Sugar / Cellulosic Projects,

Recently, Bio-Process worked with a sweet sorghum agricultural technology group, Strongfield Technologies, in the develop an integrated bio-refining system for processing the entire sweet sorghum stalk, sugars and bagasse, in the production of ethanol and high value co-products.

Recent Sugar Projects:

  • HS/LE Fermentation of Sorghum Sugars
  • Processing of Waste Soda Sugar Syrups
  • Stalk Pressing Design & Optimization
  • Ethanol Plant / Sugar Mill Integration

Please contact us to learn more about Bio-Process ethanol production technologies and bio-refining systems for the processing of sugar cane, sweet sorghum, and waste sugar feedstocks.

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