RotaDek Diffuser

The RotoDek diffusion system allows for the increased recovery rate of sugar from sugarcane or sweet sorghum stalks with the expenditure of less energy than in mechanical milling. The RotoDek system is less expensive, simpler to operate & maintain, and requires less energy to operate than other diffusion systems.

Background: In diffusion, molecules flow from higher concentration to lower concentration until a state of equilibrium is reached. In sugar milling the stalk is pressed to release the juice that contains the soluble sugars, any moisture left in the bagasse contains sugars that can be efficiently recovered using water to diffuse the sugar from the cane. To reach a 96% sugar extraction rate, a 4,000 ton per day (tpd) sugar refinery using a mechanical process would require the use of 4 to 6 mills with installed drive power of 2,000 – 3,000 kW, where as the RotoDek can achieve better yields using 5x less energy, a total of 60 kW of installed drive power.

Technology Description: The Rotodek Diffuser was developed to improve the extraction of sugars from sugarcane, bagasse, sweet sorghum, and sugar beets. In the RotoDek diffuser bagasse is loaded onto a screen that rotates in a circle on fixed pedestal rollers at a rate of one rotation per hour. Clarifier mud is recycled as a natural filter to reduce mixed juice contamination, reduce clarifier loads by 50%, and eliminating the vacuum filter, cake loads, and bagacillo. The RotoDek system provides sugar processors with better performance at lower operating costs for the lowest possible capital cost.

RotoDek Advantages:

  • Increased Sugar Extraction,
  • Decreased Energy Usage,
  • Smallest Diffuser Footprint,
  • Less Clarification / Filtering,
  • Low Relative Capital Costs,
  • Simplified Operations,
  • Less Maintenance Required,
  • Decreased Operating Costs,

RotoDek History: The RotoDek diffuser was developed by Mr. James M. Cargill, a foremost leader in the development of innovative sugar processing technologies, engineering and designs, and his colleague Dr. Peter W. Rein, head of the Audubon Sugar Institute. Bio-Process is proud to be offer the RotoDek technology through working and partnering with the Cargill Associates and pleased to offer this technology for use in greenfield sugar milling projects or technology upgrades to existing facilities.

Please contact us to discuss the RotoDek diffuser technology in more detail or learn about how this system can improve yields and reduce operating costs.

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